the sun rises into glorious, balmy days and sinks into warm nights that caress my skin, as soft as a lover’s touch. it is into this dark night that the moon takes the setting sun’s place and climbs towards the night sky, a slight haze rendering its light translucent; it climbs further still to retreat into the reassuring arms of the stars, high in the sky. this dance between the sun and the moon is like clockwork - reliable, familiar, reassuring. 

every morning, the birds shift from their sleeping positions in their nests, and wake with songs of hope gushing out of their throats, like cold river water jolting those still asleep out of their trance. and, likewise, you wake with the shine of a new day that blankets your body as you sleepily sit up in bed, your tired body still warm from lying next to mine. 

each afternoon, the workers downstairs pound a new foundation of fresh wood into the house, sending vibrations through the floorboards of our upstairs apartment. i think about the foundations that you are building, for your life, and i am tongue tied. 

you have been dealt hard cards throughout your life, but you choose to persevere, and i deeply admire that. although there have been (and probably will be, many more) obstacles throughout your life, i am glad to know that you have decided to push through and make the most of it, no matter how hard it seems to be or really is. i know every day is hard, and is a struggle, but you are brave to have decided to keep going. and if ever the need arises, i am here to help you along the way if you stumble.

i am a sun radiating rays of pride as bright as the rays of the sun. i am so proud of you, and all the progress you’ve made through your own hard work. it is indescribable of how proud i am of you, that sometimes i find myself at a loss for words. 

i listened to you talk about your studies, your friends, and the methods you found best that were being put into practice on a daily basis. my heart swelled as i listened to you explain your experiences, and all i could do was nod, but i was just overwhelmed by how much pride i felt in you. you are trying your best, and that is the absolute best for me. 

there will be times that are trying - i’ve seen you cross the rocky mountains and hills of difficult trials a few times, but know that the lessons learned as a result should not be for naught. you are a great person, completely and entirely, and it should be known. things may not always go your way, but they always have a way of working itself out in the end. 

i know it’s hard right now, and things aren’t as easy as they used to be, but know that i am still here, rooting for you and your success. your drive, skill, and dedication makes things possible. it will rain, and you will wonder why you even bother carrying an umbrella instead of just drowning in the flood, but i know that you are more than capable of swimming - more than capable of continuing to pursue your dreams and doing these things. the wind will howl and the trees will bend, but i will still be here waiting in the rain, patiently carrying an extra umbrella for you to hold. 

you are enough. the sun’s rays beam down and the moon shines its pearly light on you - proud, as well, to be a part of your life and to lay witness the results and successes of your struggles. even the furthest star shines for you tonight, in the deep dark blue sky billions of light years away, twinkling and winking as if it knew what lay ahead for you in the future. 

you are the dream undreamed, but once materialized and solid, i can’t help but think that this is exactly what it should be like. as you sleep tonight in our bed between the sheets, i hope you dream of finding the strength to swim to shore - but finding out at the very end of the dream that you had it inside you all along.